Friday, February 6, 2015

For Good... treatment draft

The For Good… (working title) project will be a major public education initiative starting with a television series about people confronting problems around the world through observation, empathy, insight, innovation, and perseverance.  This emerging field is called social impact design (or human-centered design or public interest design) and is characterized by smart, dedicated people who want to help the majority of the world’s population.

For Good…, by introducing the public to the concept and practice of design for social impact, is intended to spur increased support for this work (and to help nudge attitudes from self-interest to service while showing how caring entrepreneurs can do well by doing good).   At the same time we want to provide role models of pragmatic idealists so that people can envision paths for fulfilling their potential while making the world better.  

Our current, evolving, treatment for the series is below.  We intend to cover projects within the US and around the world, and to explore the practice of “design thinking” as well as solutions that result in products, systems, or structures.   There is a piece about the project on the GOOD website: 

Following the broadcasts, we plan to initiate a widespread discussion about practical ways to improve human well-being in a variety of contexts.  The project will involve an extensive social media component, as well as public events.

September’s Mission, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit partner of For Good…, is accepting tax-deductible contributions for the project.  Donations should be identified as for the benefit of the For Good… project.  Thank you.